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Employee Testimonials


Employee Testimonials

Vic-WI’d been working for large consulting service providers for years but decided to join the Five 9 Group company startup as one of the original five employees because I wanted to get in on the ground floor of a promising new business venture. At Five 9 Group our technical expertise and subject matter knowledge are rewarded and expanded financially as well as with team synergy. I’ve been astounded by the speed Five 9 Group has grown in contracting opportunities and team member size since our startup in 2007, first as a subcontractor and more recently as prime contractor.

Vic W., Principal Database Engineer





Phil-LI knew a number of folks working for Five 9 Group, all with amazing character, resumes & reputations. When I was asked to join the company, I saw for myself how much the owners and managers cared and valued their employees. The owners are good people, and that to me, as well as great business decisions, makes Five 9 Group the great company it is today. At a time when companies are restructuring and have gone barebones, Five 9 Group continues to provide the best benefits, rewards, and an amazing community of peers to interact with.

Phil L., Senior System Performance Engineer