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Application Solutions Services

We leverage both technology and process to support, promote, and optimize customer mission critical systems. We meet the customer where they are and work as a single team within the established Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) — whether Agile, Waterfall, or some blend — moving towards a common goal. Our skills and experience cover the entire range of large-scale application solutions: From gathering requirements; to collaborative design, development testing; to modern production promotion technologies; and finally to infrastructure O&M management for web, mainframe and client-server environments.

  • Database Solutions We provide database design, development, implementation and 24×7 support for mission critical, high availability very large Oracle database systems. We are well versed in Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Essbase and CA-IDMS providing design, engineering, performance tuning, and optimization services for high availability RAC and cluster implementations.
      • Very Large Database O&M
      • Web-based and mainframe-hosted database systems
      • High Availability
      • Oracle WebLogic
      • Oracle RAC
      • MongoDB
  • Geospatial Solutions Leveraging Esri, Oracle, and Safe Software (FME), we develop spatial data processing and analytical applications for data visualization, attribute allocation, reference file creation/maintenance, spatial data/release management and system workflow control. We manage and maintain large topologically correct spatial databases.
      • Very Large Spatial Database Management
      • Data Visualization
      • Spatial Data Processing/Workflow Control
      • Topology Validation
  • Data Analytics We approach data analytics from a business first, technology second perspective using Agile/iterative development methodologies with structured and unstructured data. We ensure reporting/analysis needs drive data warehouse/datamart design. We provide dimensional modeling, Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), data profiling, cleansing, and business analysis and reporting.
      • Agile Development
      • ETL and Data Profiling
      • Business Rule Management
      • Business Query, Analysis and Reporting
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