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We provide engineering, architecture and 24×7 systems administration/monitoring support in large data center environments. Our engineers design and support VMware and AIX implementations providing full support for disaster recovery. We have extensive experience in capacity planning, modeling and simulation, and data center consolidation and migration from planning through implementation.

  • System Performance and Monitoring We provide operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting 24×7 on-call support in large data center environments.
      • Fault Monitoring (FM)
      • Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
      • Network performance and engineering
  • Data Center Infrastructure We have a strategic approach to consolidating data centers, physical servers, and migration of virtual machines to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of data center resources while reducing operational costs. We integrate systems with multiple operating systems (OS) and hardware configurations including UNIX, AIX, Linux & Windows.
      • Dev/Test as a Service (DTaaS)
      • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
      • Server and storage virtualization
      • Capacity planning
      • Database migration
  • Security Assessment and Monitoring We perform vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and security monitoring in large data center environments.
      • Develop and maintain AIX hardening scripts
      • Manage and maintain FISMA compliant operating systems
      • Create and remediate Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M) reports including waivers and exceptions
      • Support the Authority to Operation (ATO) attainment process
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